An ancestor of the total Japanese kitchen knife craftsman that we use in daily life have been in active since the Edo Period as the Swords Meister who are traditional arts and crafts of Japan ancient times

It inherits manufacturing technology of a Japanese sword which includes the three elements “the sharpness” ” elegant ” “the durability” just as it is and inherits tradition and technology into the Japanese kitchen knife.

It is rare and follows that the first class quality of Tatara iron manufacturing, and it is used Yasugi steel, and production process of the Japanese kitchen knife is same process as Japanese sword which inserted to the 1000 degree C fire then take a hummer on it to rely on craftsman’s experience and sensitivity, put their whole soul into the steel one by one to be perfect hand-made and custom-made product.

This production technique is called “fire making, hammering”, and at the moment, the craftsman who can use this method left a few in Japan due to the production technique is a traditional.

Enjoy our products which are the most finest Japanese kitchen knife produced by our craftsman with their pride.



Our Products

Japanese style butcher knife

Brade:Damascus steel(Stainless)
Handle:Magnolia,Water buffalo horn

Butcher knife

Brade:Damascus steel(Stainless)

Yanagiba Hocho

Handle:Magnolia,Water buffalo horn

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Business Name: YMA
Business Address: Saitama, Japan
Ref No: 001

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